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Etiopathy for who? //

The newly borns

The trauma due to the day to day life accidents or to a painful deliverance, will have direct impacts on the troubles presented by the new born. Etiopathy is a therapic indication appropriated to the change of mechanic actions of the new born. Some troubles are presented as follows:


-The transit troubles (diarrhea, dysentry, reflux and constipation).

-The rhinitis/otitis chronic, asthma, broncho-lungs affections.


Etiopathy develop and take an adopted charge specially for new borns.


The practise of a sport activity of the child goes with little accidents which cause articular troubles. The sprain, the strain, the muscular pain are frequently unserious but need an articular mechanic care. In other ways like the newborns, the children present often some auditory problems. If these troubles are frequent an etiopathic care is advised. These are caused generaly by bad conditons. Some therapic scenes with a practician will help to comfort your children.



The pregnant woman

Pregnancy is not in any case a non-indication of an etiopathic care. The developpement of the foetus leads to an important modification of the spatial organisation of the mother's digestif system which implys digestive toubles such as (reflux-oesophageal, high acides, abdominal weigh, lost of appetite...) that can be taken cared of by etiopathy. Pregnancy, being an important modification, can be due to the vertebral system of the womb. These modifications can be due to the main pain in the inferior members such as : back pain, stomache ache, lumbaginius, sciatic nerve pain will be able to solve these nevralgic phenomenons definitively.



The sportive adult or sedentary

During his life, the adult doesn't take time to listen to his body. A lumbago and also a sciatic pain can force him to rest. A quick etiopathic therapy will be able to comfort the patient. Adults are frequently troubled by:



The practise of a professional or sportive activity can lead to severe or chronic pains of a muscular group. These tendinitis are benins phenomenons. A quick etiopathic care will permit him to regain his normal activities again.


Transit troubles (chronic fonctionnal dypepsia) is characterised by the modification of an intestinal transit (diarrhea, constipation), a digestive weigh, and /or a diffuse pain. All these can be solved by a local mechanic work that permits the disappearance of these painful phenomenons and a return to normal intestinal transit fonctionnement.


Periodes or pain during sexual reports are very frequent. If these pains are not due to any modification of tissus, are then due to a mobility default of the gyneacological system. In this case an etiopathic care will permit a regain of a correct mobility of the organs. At last, Etiopathy can help couples with infertility problems.


The seniors or aged people

With age, the person becomes a victime of chronic pains, mostly back pains. Being taken care of by an etiopath will comfort totaly these pains. The cervical pains, dorsal pains, or lumbago pains are due to the modification of the fonctionnment of the back-bone. An exclusive mechanic care will lead to the disappearance of these painful phenomenons.

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