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​​​What is the difference between etiopathy and osteopathy?



What is the difference between etiopathy and physical therapy

or massage?



Are the readjustements painful ?

Gentleness, precision, efficacity without pain are the rules of the etiopathic treatment.

The etiopath adopts the manipulative care for every patient. This care, how ever is done following the articular physiology of the patients.


How long does a consultation last?

The consultation time is exclusively defined by the pains that the patient suffers of. Mostly, a consultation lasts 20 minutes. The etiopath proceeds following two steps:

  • a rigorous analysis of symptoms and the search for the cause of pain.


  • then a mechanic care if necessary.



How many consultations are necessary in etiopathic treatment?

The time of an etiopathic treatement is defined by the reason or fact of the consultation. Following the fact, the time of consultation, the frequency of meetings and the number of sceanes needed will differ. On average, we can count two or six sceanes for the care of a recent and regular affection.


Does etiopathy prescribe medecines?

No, etiopathy is a therapeutic approach without medications. The professionals of etiopathy don't use drugs or any medical instrument.

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