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​​​​​What is the difference between etiopathy and osteopathy?


The term "Ethiopathy" is from the greek word: aïtia [cause] and pathos [illness].

Ethiopathy then is a way to put into evidence the link between symptoms presented by the patients and their mechanic causes. For the search of the cause, the etiopath proceeds by step:


  • First, he uses his basic knowledge (anatomy, physiology, logic) to analyse the symptoms presented by the patient. This acknowledgement permits him to detect the main cause of the pain and to define it.


  • Secondly, the basic mechanic of the pain being indentified, the etiopath puts into place a specific therapeutic protocol. He then realises one or many readjustements to comfort the patient.




Etiopathy and osteopathy are two different professions. These differences are charactersised by two aspects : the formation and the practise.


  • A different formation :

-An etiopath is formed in one of the four establishments of etiopathy in France (Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, Lyon) by International Etiopathic Institute (i.e IIE in french). Every professional follows a formation of 6 years. The term defined by the IIE associates a theoric and practic study. During the six years of course the students will be on practical course with professionnals and in etiopathic clinic. To complete the formation, the students in the 6th year work and assure the guard of the partner hospital urgencies.


-An osteopath is formed in one of the osteopathic schools. To them, the formation programs differ and can last from several months to 5 years. An osteopath can also be a physical therapist and only follows a year course.


  • A different healing approach :


-The etiopathy focuse more on the symptoms of the patients and establish links of casualty based on anatomic notions, physiologic and clinic's. In etiopathy, the main step is the research of the cause and the manipulation with readjustement is the finality. The care is only mechanic. The practician should retablish a correct mobility of the articular system.


- Osteopathy does energetic, fascia-therapy, psycho-cognitif... His tests are based on subjectif elements. The osteopaths explain that there are as many osteopaths as practicians. Their practic is based only on the pain of the patient and not on their casual tests of the patients symptoms.


The etiopathy emerges through its rigorous reasoning and homogenization of the  international profession.



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