Etiopathy affects 80% of the family's illnesses, without medication. Etiopathy contributes to public health by reducing household costs for their daily care.
The frailty of the infant should be sustained. A traumatic birth often poses problems from the very first few days after its birth. Etiopathy has surprising results on many problems of the youngest.
Working girl
The ambition of the woman in her work must be accompanied. The specific disorders of the woman who can induce her success are to be eliminated.
Before, during and after childbirth, etiopathy is the health partner. For a good pregnancy and a good delivery, the etiopath is the mechanic you need.
Business man
The dynamism of a senior manager must be optimized by his etiopathic partner. Like any good specialist in his field, your etiopath will advise you on the pitfalls to avoid. It will set you as a Swiss clock, for greater performance.
The athlete must be accompanied in his performances. During training and during competitions, the etiopath is its health partner. Adjustments, measurements, pressures, forces. It's all about accuracy.
Childhood and adolescence are times when they can hurt themselves. 80% of the diseases are covered by the care of etiopathy. Identify diseases as early as possible to avoid disastrous consequences.
In training, injuries are not uncommon. To take care of them, the etiopath takes into account the mechanics of the exercises in order to prevent recurrences, to advise, to specify.
Office work
Prolonged sitting positions and pain related to the type of work are treated by Etiopathy.
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