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A consultation //

First step : Practician and patient's exchange.


Every consultation of etiopathy begins with a dialogue between the practician and his patient. Etiopathy then asks you questions about: your antecedants, your pains and your daily habits. Your questions are associated to an observation anatomic, physiologic and clinic that permits the practician to identify the cause of the pain. In  certain cases, the troubles presented by the patient is not from a non-medicinated care: fractures, severe infections, cancers... then the ethiopath will refer you to other health professionnals.



Second step : Readjustment of the patient to comfort his pain.


To delete the mechanic cause of your pain (articular blockages, mobility problems). The etiopath put into place a specific therapeutic protocol. In this second part of the consultation, the practician, realises one or multiples readjustements in order to delete the mechanic cause of your affection gently, softly without any pain.

It is requested to consult a professional in etiopathy as soon as mechanic pains are observed, a quick care will permit to avoid the apparition of complications.


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