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Etiopathy with childrens


(extract LT on TF1)

Etiopathy what is this?

Extract in French only

Your Etiopath: Alban MININNO


Following upper studies in General Medicine 1st cycle in Rennes, he decided to continue his education in the very effective medicine, etiopathy. After 6 years of training at the Faculty of Britain, he obtained his degree successfuly in Paris.




Exercised in Britain, to finally move in Africa. He is giving his attention to the African population of Dakar. He worked with Daouda SAGNA before taking his independence.


Accurate Diagnosis


Medical imaging is a tool for the accurate diagnosis of the etiopath.

To sustainably relieve chronic pain, it is sometimes necessary to take stock of the painful area. At the end, the therapist can adapt his care and improve the patient's condition effectively.



What you should know before choosing Etiopathy ?
  • Etiopathy is a manual therapy following an ancient tradition. No drugs are used.



  • The etiopath is the mechanician of the human body.



  • Softness, precision , efficiency & without pain are the rules of etiopathic treatment.

Photo //

Christian Trédaniel

foundator of Etiopathy in France (1963).

Vidéo //


Interview of Jean Paul MOUREAU,

Etiopath in Paris.

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